Monday, October 23, 2017

Review_MURDER IS A MONKEY'S GAME by Ruby Loren

Murder is a Monkeys Game (Madigan Amos Zoo Mysteries Book 3)Murder is a Monkeys Game by Ruby Loren
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Review: MURDER IS A MONKEY'S GAME by Ruby Loren
(A Madigan Amos, Zookeeper Mystery)

I reiterate again how much I enjoy this series of cozy mysteries set in different zoos in varying locales! Ruby Loren is a talented writer, readily creating characters with whom I empathize, demonstrating that we all have many aspects; no one is either all good nor all bad, but a combination of traits and motivations.

In this installment, traveling zoo consultant Madigan {Madi} Amos is studying the animal welfare at a small zoo located near a tiny French village tucked away in a mountain valley. With an intriguing reader's hook, Madi and her devoted readers are "off to the races" as murder and other crimes, as well as simple but odd acts, rile the formerly peaceful village.

While Madi persists in investigating, a pair of agents from supposedly a secretive British government agency snoop around the community, with what Madi suspects are ulterior motives, and certainly incivility; and boyfriend Lowell, whom she first encountered during her first "case" develops some potentially odd behaviour. Throughout, Madi' s trademark intelligence and animal devotion shine through.

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