Sunday, October 27, 2019

Tour: BOUND IN FLAME by Katherine Kayne

5 Stars

A glorious "retelling" as alternate history of the Hawaiian Islands at the turn of the Century (19th-20th), with strong female heroines (multiple), paranormal elements founded and grounded in the Islands, the suffrage for women, and the rights of women to independence and careers; plus romance, animals, danger, and victories. Additionally, the author provides an inspiring and educational afterword about Hawaii's history and royal bloodline.

BOUND IN FLAME will appeal to fans of historic Romantic Suspense (think Phyllis A. Whitney and Victoria Holt), Alternative History (Harry Turtledove), history as-it-should-have-been and as it was, and readers eager for strong female characters. 

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Review: KITTY CONFIDENTIAL by Molly Fitz

I adore a snarky, self-aware, heroine and when she mixes in with a snarky, egotistical, elitist talking feline, so much the better! An office appliance accident resulting in a near-death experience makes first-person narrator Angie Russo not only an unhappy paralegal, but the world's first "Pet Whisperer" P. I.! First in a series, this is a delightful cozy mystery.

Friday, October 11, 2019

Review: FINDING MIRANDA by Iris Chacon

5 stars

FINDING MIRANDA is Book 1 of the MINOKEE MYSTERIES, set in Little Cypress Forest in North Central Florida, in a tiny insular community, Minokee. No real estate sales, just lifetime living and inheritance. No businesses. 

It's problematical not to love a novel featuring a dog, a librarian, a sweet-hearted blind guy, and lots of suspense leavened with gentle humour. Fortunately I really enjoyed the story, and am gleefully anticipating the next (THE MAMMOTH MURDERS, release Nov. 1).