Sunday, September 29, 2019

Review_ALONE by Scott Stuart

This charming children's picture book is a heartwarming tale of looking for friendship, starring Planet Earth. A lot of emotion here, but a welcome ending. Ideal for a bedtime tale.

Saturday, September 21, 2019

Review: TIDE AND PUNISHMENT by Bree Baker

Murder isn't always spur of the moment; sometimes it's been long in the planning...

Christmastime in the quaint community of Charm, North Carolina, an island in the Outer Banks, has an unexpected blessing this year: 
Snow! And lots of it! But there's plenty of downside too, including a nasty murder and repeated attempts to frame Fran Swan, descendant of the founding family and aunt of protagonist Everley Swan, who operates the delightful Sun, Sand, and Tea shop. Everley refuses to leave the investigation to hunky police detective Grady Hayes, and her determination puts her and Aunts Fran and Clara smack in the killer's angry sights. 

Review_LAST PEN STANDING by Vivian Conroy

5 Stars!

LAST PEN STANDING (I adore that catchy title) is the most delightful first entry in author Vivian Conroy's new STATIONERY SHOP MYSTERY series, and a winning entry it is! Delta resigns from her graphic design career serendipitously to co-own a stationery shop with long-time best friend Hazel. A blessed opportunity for Delta's vision and art talent to be funneled into creative designs and comfy small-town friendships, her new career is conflicted by a local murder. Since Hazel is unfortunately drawn in, Delta speeds to cleverly investigate, companioned by a former police detective and his retired K-9, the enterprising Spud. LAST PEN STANDING delves deep, then leaves the reader feeling very satisfied.