Friday, December 23, 2022


Although my usual reading diet is Horror and Science Fiction and Speculative Fiction, sometimes I need to clear my reading palate (and take a break from scaring myself) so I read mysteries and Cozy mysteries. I don't mind an occasional pleasant ending [though I couldn't tolerate a steady diet] and NOT A CREATURE WAS PURRING brought exactly what I needed: a fun, intriguing, mystery with well-delineated characters, a community suffused with dogs, cats, and Pet lovers, some really worthwhile folks and some we'd wish to avoid, and a clever canine sleuth and stalwart protective feline. There's even a sturdy twist in the denouement which verges toward a more edgy type of Villain than I expected. It's a warm-hearted feel-good suspenseful mystery with a snowy Christmas setting. Just what I needed at the moment.