Tuesday, December 19, 2017

THE PEACOCK' S POISON by Ruby Loren_Review

The Peacock's Poison (Madigan Amos Zoo Mystery #5)The Peacock's Poison by Ruby Loren
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Review: THE PEACOCK' S POISON by Ruby Loren (A Madigan Amos Zoo Mystery)

This lovable series continues to utterly delight and never disappoint. Zookeeper and animal welfare consultant Madigan (Madi) Amos is a warmhearted character who easily elicits both empathy and respect. She totally cares for all animals (and her rescue kitten) but she also cares for people as well, desiring and encouraging their best.

Back at Avery Zoo in Southeast England, after travels to France and Cornwall to consult, Madi is separated from mysterious and secretive boyfriend Lowell (temporarily? She doesn't know). A zookeeper for the nonce, Madi is supporting the new zoo owner, Auryn Avery, in the wake of his grandfather's passing. After a celebratory gathering, a death occurs, and the suspect list quickly stretches farther than an anaconda, as the deceased was prone to "love 'em and leave 'em." Madi is right in the center, as always.

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