Monday, December 14, 2015

Review: The Other Inheritance

The Other Inheritance The Other Inheritance by Rebecca Jaycox
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Review: THE OTHER INHERITANCE by Rebecca Jaycox

Fantasy is not my forte, though I do read it occasionally, depending on the author. Those fantasy authors I select are those whose writing is so appealing that the subject matter is immediately intriguing. Rebecca Jaycox is in this category. I read the Kindle sample and immediately wanted to peruse the novel. I was caught up, and the story effortlessly carried me away.

In the small city of Porth, Reggie, age seventeen, copes with a depressed, alcoholic, mother, the absence of a father, the usual high school bully clique--and the ability to revive life after death, a talent unwanted. Then the dreams begin--or are they visions?--in which she is told she has an important role in the "Master Plan."

THE OTHER INHERITANCE is exceptional YA urban fantasy. I anticipate Rebecca Jaycox' future work.

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