Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Review of DEATH BY DIPLOMA by Kelley Kaye

Death by Diploma (Chalkboard Outlines Book 1)Death by Diploma by Kelley Kaye
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Review of DEATH BY DIPLOMA by Kelley Kaye
(Chalkboard Outlines Book 1)

DEATH BY DIPLOMA is a warm cozy mystery with endearing characters, the kind of cozy that just makes a reader smile inside and feel happy, even a reader who is a cynical old harridan. Even though brand-new teacher Emma Lovett almost seems too good to be true, almost a little too ingenuous, her drive, ambition to inspire high school students to learn and to desire to learn, are admirable and heartwinning. Her friend Leslie, Department Head, is a treasure, and Melvin, the janitor, is expertly drawn as an individual who is possibly somewhat autistic, possibly schizophrenic, but winningly synesthesic. He also really impressed me as a person and a character. Wrapped in an intriguing mystery, DEATH BY DIPLOMA deserves reading for character and theme as well as for mysteriousness.

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