Friday, September 22, 2017

DOG-GONE DANGER by Linda Joy Singleton_Review

Dog-Gone DangerDog-Gone Danger by Linda Joy Singleton
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Review: DOG-GONE DANGER by Linda Joy Singleton

A delightfully engrossing middle-grade mystery in the Curious Cats Spy Club series, DOG-GONE DANGER brings out serious issues which families may face, as well as focusing on the friendships and burgeoning life skills of three youngsters. When Kelsey's mom, the County Animal Control Officer, fails to meet Kelsey for a promised shopping date, Kelsey is distraught and angry. A concise text from Mom's phone convinces other family members, but not Kelsey, who with best friends Becca and Leo, proceeds to investigate, certain that Mom's absence is involuntary and connected to her work.

Designed for middle-grade readers, this exciting story is a fast read and a lot of enjoyment.

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