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CARBS AND CADAVERS by Ellery Adams_Review

Carbs and Cadavers (A Supper Club Mystery, #1)Carbs and Cadavers by J.B. Stanley
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Review: CARBS AND CADAVERS by Ellery Adams
(Supper Club Mystery #1)

Back in July 2015, I came upon GIVE 'EM PUMPKIN TO TALK ABOUT by the late lamented author-duo Joyce and Jim Lavene. I was enraptured with the cozy mystery subgenre {sub-sub?} Anyway, along with reading Horror and Extreme Horror I find I also love Cozies. Last week I read the first two in the Blue Ridge Library Series by Victoria Gilbert, set in a quaint community in Virginia's Shenandoah Valley. The other day I received from NetGalley the second in Ellery Adams' Supper Club Mystery series, FIT TO DIE, so I felt impelled to buy the first of the series! I loved it! I experienced so much empathy for the "Flab Five," as they call the Supper Club. I don't think one has to be overweight, as these folks are, to understand. Anyone who has undergone bullying, denigration, insults (or a controlling abuser) will feel right at home. Anyone who feels "different" can identify. The characters are very realistic and so is the small-town setting of Quincy's Gap, Virginia, also in the Shenandoah Valley. Protagonist James Henry is a former English and History professor, who has returned to his home town to live with his reclusive father following his mother's death, and is now Library Director. He joins the newly established Supper Club to impel weight loss and to form friendships. Unexpectedly, this involves solving mysteries, and danger. It's all wonderfully compelling and for me, fast paced. On to the next mystery!

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