Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Review_PUTTING ON THE WITCH by Joyce and Jim Lavene

Putting on the Witch (Retired Witches Mystery #3)Putting on the Witch by Joyce Lavene
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Review: PUTTING ON THE WITCH by Joyce and Jim Lavene
[Retired Witches Mystery #3]

Don't be alarmed, if like me, you are new to this series. Just jump right in and enjoy! The authors gently interweave backstory throughout, so readers fit right in. This tale of a coven of (mostly) older witches, who had given up practice of magic, then taken it up again, is endearing, delightful, and as we expect from the Lavenes, excellent. Warm up to this wonderful group of women who must fit their magical lives around non-magic using spouses and offspring. Dorothy, a younger witch, had not been trained in youth, and has to cope with her Mother's death and ghostly input, and her allegedly evil, thousand year old father's arrival. Elsie dates a werewolf; Dorothy's fiance's grandfather is head of the very strict Grand Council. Add all this to the scenic backdrop of Wilmington, North Carolina; stir to taste, and enjoy.

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