Monday, October 17, 2016

Tour: A KILLER CLOSET by Paula Paul

A Killer Closet: A MysteryA Killer Closet: A Mystery by Paula Paul
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Review: A KILLER CLOSET: A MYSTERY by Paula Paul

Set delightfully in Santa Fe, a beautiful city with literally centuries of history-a patchwork of cultures-a community that breathes history-, A KILLER CLOSET is a cozy mystery with a sharp and poignant emotional edge. Irene Seligman, Santa Fe native with both Colonial Spanish and New Mexico Jewish ancestry, has carved a niche for herself: a Manhattan Assistant District Attorney, tiny Brooklyn apartment, on her own--as emotionally she has been all her life, with a Narcissistic, multiply-married mother. When her mother manipulates Irene's abrupt return to her native city, Irene moves back into her childhood home, and leases a historic building to open a shop selling "gently used" vintage haute couture. Her discovery on opening day, of one of her mother's friends, newly dead in the shop closet, causes scandal and first Irene, then her mother, become "persons of interest. "

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