Thursday, December 13, 2018

Review_CRIME CHOWDER by Hilary Avis (Death Du Jour Book 1)

Release date: Dec. 13 2018 Crime Chowder (Death Du Jour Mystery, #1)Crime Chowder by Hillary Avis
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

CRIME CHOWDER is Book 1 in the new DEATH DU JOUR series, starring a feckless but endearing protagonist, who for a change is female (in the sense that feckless protagonists are in my experience usually male). Bethany Bradstreet aspires to be a chef, with her own establishment. That shouldn't be a problem; but it does require a certain number of years of experience, preferably as a sous chef rather than as a fry cook in a chain seafood restaurant. But Bethany is determined to be patient, at least until unforeseen circumstances throw her straight into the figurative lobster pot. Her roommate/best friend's aunt's house is burned down, leaving the lady and her (in this case, really aggravating) dog homeless for safety's sake, so they move in with Bethany and company. Even more unfortunately, the house-burning was no accident, but arson, and as all too often happens, one crime escalates, and soon there is a murder--and guess who is the suspect?

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