Monday, December 24, 2018

Review_WAGGING THROUGH THE SNOW by Laurien Berenson

Wagging through the Snow (A Melanie Travis Mystery)Wagging through the Snow by Laurien Berenson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

WAGGING THROUGH THE SNOW is a genuine cozy delight! It is #21 in Laurien Berenson's wonderful Melanie Travis series, starring a hardworking teacher, mother, wife, and sister of a "Mr. Spontaneous." In fact, it's that same brother who spontaneously and without thinking it through, bids on a now-deserted Christmas tree farm, offered in an estate sale. The farm had once been a popular holiday-time destination; but its owner's death much earlier in the year has left the property in poor repair. Now Melanie, her husband and sons, her brother, and his business partner, troop out to explore the new acquisition, only to discover a purebred Maltese--and a frozen, outdoor, corpse. All is not as it seems, of course, so Melanie will be honing her talents as an amateur sleuth. Don't forget dogs!

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