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A CAT TO DIE FOR by Maria Grazia Swan__Review

A Cat to Die For (Mina's Adventures, #5)A Cat to Die For by Maria Grazia Swan
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Review of A CAT TO DIE FOR by Maria Grazia Swan
{Mina's Adventures #5}

Ah, this girl. Young lady. Orphaned, wealthy, hit-and-miss young lady. Surely there exists some psychological reasons why she clings to the hope of the unattainable. Maybe she has a secret passion for suffering (not likely). Maybe she just prefers the "bad boys." The love of her life, Diego, certainly is that. Either he is exquisitely, constantly undercover, or the man is a player. Either way the poor girl keeps gettting her heart wrenched out and stomped on, again and again and again, never realizing any bad habit can be broken eventually. Plus there's her inferiority complex: she's always felt far in the shade of the sunlight cast by big sister Paola.

Certainly her author, Maria Grazia Swan, positions Mina in the oddest, most far-fetched and unexpected travails. This time she opens a no-kill shelter, a totally admirable idea. Admirable until player Diego shows up, and of course, not alone. His appearance endangers Mina's beloved cat--and the catsitter--and the heiress. And of course, the one who always manages to throw herself into dangerous situations (remember the international arms smuggler?) is Mina. The heroine is just--feckless. almost comically so.

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