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ASHES OF AUTUMN by Maria Grazia Swan_Review

Ashes of Autumn (Mina's Adventures, #4)Ashes of Autumn by Maria Grazia Swan
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Review of ASHES OF AUTUMN by Maria Grazia Swan
{Mina's Adventures #4}

Poor Mina..such an unhappy, melancholy, depressed little rich girl. Yes, family secrets had been hidden from her since before birth, so perhaps that is why whenever she "finds" someone (her mother, a boyfriend, then "the love of her life") either that person dies, breaks up with her, or does the intermittent disappearing act. Perhaps that is also why she is stoned in love with a man who admittedly (his own acknowledgment) offers no future, was at one time thought to be dead, shows up when he wants to, and does who-know-what almost all of the time, because certainly Mina sees him very rarely.

In this 4th book of her adventures in Orange County, California, the business owned and operated by her late mother will soon be sold, leaving Mina quite wealthy. Rooming with Margo, the company's receptionist, is sometimes fun but mostly an aggravation, so Mina sets out house-hunting for a place of her own, a real home, not an apartment, townhouse, or condo.

Of course, given the personality of our feckless heroine and the quite irresponsible Margo, they inadvertently mix up with an international arms smuggler wanted by many law enforcement agencies--and just perhaps Mina's elusive life-love is involved.

ASHES OF AUTUMN and Book 1, LOVE THY SISTER, which introduced Mina and sister/mother Paola, so far are my favourites of this series: very fast-paced, they had me turning the pages at a rapid rate.

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