Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Review_ITALIAN SUMMER by Maria Grazia Swan

Italian Summer (Mina's Adventures, #3)Italian Summer by Maria Grazia Swan
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Review of ITALIAN SUMMER by Maria Grazia Swan [Mina's Adventures #3]

Our feckless heroine is spending the month of June in a condo in her home town of Veneto, Italy, while the professor-owner studies at USC. Mina sees it as a time to spend alone, visiting her beloved Nonna (grandmother)'s crypt, leaving flowers, and strolling the town and marveling over its changes. She is quickly befriended by Emilia, retired attorney and owner of the building, a lady who always wanted to be a divorce attorney, but because divorce was for so long not a legal option in Italy, defended gypsies instead. Mina's heartache over the failures with Brian, and mourning over Diego, continually threaten to overwhelm her, but naturally whereever Mina is, danger and deaths quickly appear. She may be naive, but this young woman is never assured of a secure and peaceful life.

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