Friday, January 18, 2019


hemlock and hedgehemlock and hedge by Ruby Loren
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"You can't go home again," orated Thomas Wolfe. If this were a literary novel, the protagonist would return home and take up the family legacy. If horror, the protagonist would return to his/her hometown and confront the Ancient Evil. Well, it's neither: instead this is another delightful relaxing cosy mystery from prolific author Ruby Loren, and the prequel to the WITCHES OF WORMWOOD Series. Snarky and stubborn, Hazel Salem is the last scion of the family: the last of the family period. She only returns to Wormwood because her mother passed and bequeathed Hazel the family house and apothecary business. So here she is, astounded that her mother was ailing, amazed at how little income the apothecary has yielded, and wondering why on Earth she returned to this odd town. She doesn't believe in magic, witchcraft, or black cats. But that doesn't mean none of those disbelieve in her. Ride along for a delightful shift in perception and an intriguing mystery in this lovely little magical community.

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