Saturday, November 21, 2015

CHRISTMAS SPIRIT READATHON: Total = 15 books + 3 short stories

An idea-child Of Michelle at Seasons of Reading, CHRISTMAS SPIRIT READATHON runs Nov. 23-29. See Details, explanation, and sign up at This week is concurrent with the 6th Annual CHRISTMAS SPIRIT READING CHALLENGE, at, Nov. 23-Jan. 6. My goal is 12 books in 7 days. Completed: COVER SHOT by LynDee Walker Nov. 23 SILENCE OF THE CHIHUAHUAS by Waverly Curtis Nov. 24 THE ALMSHOUSE by Blanche King Nov. 24 THE SEARCHER by Simon Toyne Nov. 24-25 SHEPHERDS CROSS byMark White Nov. 23-25 A CHRISTMAS ESCAPE by Anne Perry Nov. 25 THE FACE IN THE MOUNTAIN by Magnifying Children's Horizons. [Children's book]Nov. 26 PUMPKIN PIED by Karen MacInerney ]=[short storycozy] Nov. 26 CHRISTMAS SHEEP by Ashley Brayden children's counting] Nov. 27 HOPE HOUSE CHRONICLES VOL. 1 THE VISITOR by Michael Bray Nov. 27 RESIDUAL by Michael Richan Nov. 27 GHOST CRYPT by Chanel Smith [THE GHOST FILES BOOK 5] THE SILENT CHILDREN by Amna K. Boheim SYNCHRONIZED SLEEPWALKING by Martin Mundt Nov. 27-28 A COLD WHITE FEAR by R. J. Harlick Nov. 28 SNAKES by Emma Child Nov. 28 [children's] THE ELEMENTS by Jonas Saul [Short story] THE BURNING by Jonas Saul (short story) 15 books + 3 short stories

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