Sunday, November 29, 2015

Review: Lowcountry Bordello

Lowcountry Bordello Lowcountry Bordello by Susan M. Boyer
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REVIEW: LOW COUNTRY BORDELLO by Susan M. Boyer [A Liz Talbot Mystery #4]

Old Charleston society in its new contemporary guise (resembling Belle Epoque Paris, and Marie Antoinette' s preference for style over substance) sparkles vividly in the 4th of the Liz Talbot Mystery series. It's Christmastime in Charleston, and also wedding bell time for Liz and partner-fiance Nate. For Liz's good friend Olivia, it's time for unburying secrets, confessing years of being blackmailed and part-ownership of a very high class establishment, and possibly, suffering hallucinations as well as drama. If you love witnessing how stately upper-class society in the genteel Atlantic Coast South lives, with a generous heaping of ghosts, come right in: the more the merrier. The Liz Talbot series provides delightful cozy mysteries in a lovely geographic setting with lots of history, a ghostly "Guardian Spirit," and a gently ironic bite.

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