Monday, January 18, 2016

Review: Death of a Brooklyn Landlord: A Lorraine McDuffy Mystery

Death of a Brooklyn Landlord: A Lorraine McDuffy Mystery by Susan Russo Anderson
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Review: DEATH OF A BROOKLYN LANDLORD by Susan Russo Anderson

When Brooklyn slumlord Victor Charkov's corpse is discovered in the back room of a butcher shop, one of his properties, there's at least 72 potential suspects: all of his tenants, commercial and residential. Charkov was universally disliked. Noted for his routine practice of annually doubling rents, his wife had disappeared years ago, leaving a son. Behind the scenes he was up to even worse. Murdering him was no surprise, and there's a wide suspect pool. Enter the Fina Fitzgibbons Detective Agency. This first in a new spin-off series from the author's Fina Fitzgibbons series stars as protagonist widow Lorraine McDuffy, formerly a paralegal, now working for her daughter-in-law's private investigation firm.

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  1. Mallory, Thanks so much for your review of Death of a Brooklyn Landlord. BTW, Viktor was based on an actual landlord, although he wasn't quite as bad as this one. Anyway, I appreciate your hosting me and my book. Lovely background image on your site. Susan Russo Anderson