Monday, January 18, 2016

Review: Thread and Gone

Thread and Gone Thread and Gone by Lea Wait
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Review: THREAD AND GONE by Lea Wait

The Mainely Needlepoint-ers are on their third adventure in the popular summer destination of Haven Harbor, Maine, a port community with its own lighthouse, near Three Sisters Islands. This eclectic group of dedicated enthusiasts commit to researching a potentially priceless embroidered "Byrd of America" (sic) which quite possibly may be a work of love by that 16th century controversial historical personage, Mary Queen of Scots (temporarily Queen of France). Provenance seems a moot question when the attorney keeping the needlepoint and it's accompanying missive in French in her safe is found murdered, and the trusted items disappear.

I enjoy a crafting cozy such as THREAD AND GONE, with its emphasis on craft and talent, and historical research into crafters of past time. Then, too, it's intriguing to watch characters play out their motivations, and compare them to real-life individuals we know. THREAD AND GONE is heartwarming and encouraging. I intend to read the series, too.

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