Monday, January 25, 2016

Review: For Cheddar or Worse

For Cheddar or Worse For Cheddar or Worse by Avery Aames
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Review: FOR CHEDDAR OR WORSE by Avery Ames

A truly delightful crafty cozy series continues! FOR CHEDDAR OR WORSE is 7th in Avery Ames' wonderful A Cheese Shop Mystery series. There is probably no food I love more than cheese, in all its ramifications, so I am delighted to discover this series, centered on "Fromagerie Bessette," the cheese-and-wine shop of Providence, Ohio. I've often explained that I enjoy Craft Cozies for the opportunity to learn about crafts. In this series, the educational factor is cheese. How delicious!

Charlotte Bessette is the current proprietor of "Fromagerie Bessette," the shop founded by the grandparents who raised her. Her grandmother, town mayor, institutes a week-long annual Cheese Festival. When the go-to expert for cheese and wine breezes in unexpectedly, almost everybody is ecstatic. Almost--someone is not happy, and determines the expert won't be leaving town--alive. When Charlotte' s friend Erin, dairy farmer and B&B owner, is automatically suspected, Charlotte leaps to investigate.

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