Sunday, January 10, 2016

Review: Karma's a Killer

Karma's a Killer Karma's a Killer by Tracy Weber
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Review: KARMA' S A KILLER by Tracy Mitchell

I really enjoyed reading KARMA' S A KILLER. It's a little deeper than many cozies, relying as it does on a foundation of yoga and yogic principles and literature. This made it extra interesting for me, as did the protagonist, Kate, who has strongly-founded psychological issues (with good reason). Neither character or author is shy about revealing these issues, and I experienced more empathy with the protagonist because of it. I definitely plan to read the earlier books in the series too.

Then there's the other excellent theme, for me, and that's animals. Kate is owned by a rescue dog with health and emotional issues. She encounters a feisty elder who runs a wildlife rehabilitation. There are also a couple of dog rescue operations (and cats). Kate owns a yoga studio; her boyfriend owns a pet store. It all makes for an intriguing mixture of input, including several sub-themes which I don't wish to spoil for future readers. It's all good.

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